10 charming ways to make a romantic hotel stay one to remember


You’ve got the fairytale romance, now all you need is the castle. Bovey Castle is the place where love blossoms amidst luxurious landscapes, making it the perfect base for you and your partner to enjoy intimate quality time together, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and appreciate being in each other’s company. Join us in celebrating your magical romantic stay with 10 charming experiences, exclusive to the castle.

couple hold hands on a walk around Bovey Castle grounds during their romantic stay

1. Embark on a enchanting stroll around the castle grounds

Take a leisurely stroll hand in hand with your significant other and discover the sprawling 275-acre estate right on your doorstep. As you soak up the historically rich and beautiful area, keep your eyes peeled for the Dartmoor ponies, deer and other rare wildlife along the way, adding a touch of wild romance to your journey. 

2. Live out your fairytale fantasy with a carriage ride into North Bovey

Every romantic stay should include a fairytale adventure, which is why we invite you to embark on an enchanted carriage ride into the glorious village of North Bovey. You will both have the chance to take in the stunning Dartmoor scenery, the local history, closely followed by an exciting river crossing before returning back to the castle in style.

A horse is saddled up ahead of a lovely carriage ride into North Bovey during your romantic stay

3. A grand game of golf

With more opportunity for conversation and quality time together, it shouldn’t surprise you that golfing at our 18-hole championship golf course makes for the perfect couple’s activity. Support one another through the highs and lows of the game, whether it’s a friendly one or you’re feeling competitive, this is a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors.

Bovey Castle golf course is a great way to spend quality time together during your romantic stay

4. Spa serenity

Unwind together at our award-winning Elan Spa, where tranquillity and luxury come together. Pamper yourselves with rejuvenating treatments and products that have been created to provide a hub of calm and relaxation for you and your loved one. 

5. Intimate dining at the Great Western Grill

A romantic stay is all about intimacy, and what better way to enjoy quality time with your significant other than by delighting your taste buds to an award-winning dining experience at the Great Western Grill. Savour exquisite dishes, impeccable service and indulge in the romantic ambiance. 

Don’t miss out on our special Valentine’s menu available from 14th – 17th February, packed full of culinary delights for you to share between yourselves.

6. Off-road adventure for two

Ramp up the excitement during your romantic stay and do something a little different with our exhilarating 4×4 off-road driving experience. Share the adrenaline thrills with your partner, and make memories that will last a lifetime together during this unique, thrill seeking adventure.

7. Explore your surroundings with a couple’s bike ride

From one fun activity to the next, a romantic bike ride for two is a great way to discover the picturesque surroundings. Pedal through the scenic beauty and create shared moments against the backdrop of Bovey Castle’s charming landscape.

8. Perfect your Cider and Sloe Gin making skills

Immerse yourselves in a Devonshire tradition by crafting cider and sloe gin in our romantic rustic barn. Share the joy of creating something special together, learning a new skill and taste testing your delicious creations during this one-of-a-kind experience.

9. Make fly fishing romantic

Some may think that fly fishing isn’t the most romantic experience, but think again. Cast your worries away and relax while fly fishing together, gazing out on the beautiful open water. The serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a quiet and intimate moment, often hard to come by in everyday life. Take this time to really enjoy each other’s company and hopefully catch a fish or two.

10. Retreat to your magnificent room

After a day filled with romance, retire to one of our luxurious rooms. Our Valley Castle Rooms are perfect for those extra special romantic stays, as you’ll get to sleep in the historic castle, or choose from our range of self-catering estate lodges, each offering the perfect blend of beauty, comfort and luxury.

Love is in the air at Bovey Castle

Dreaming of a romantic stay at Bovey Castle? We’ve got the perfect Valentine’s offers for you to enjoy and turn that dream into a romantic reality. 

Our 1 night loved filled experience includes: 

Valid 14th – 17th February 2024. 

From £429.00. This is based on a Classic Room stay. 

Our 2-night loved up experience includes: 

Valid 13th – 18th February 2024. 

From £374.00 per night. This is based on a Classic Room stay. 

Our Valentine’s menu will be available in the Great Western Grill from 14th – 17th February 2024. 

Whether you’re seeking a well planned romantic itinerary or prefer to craft your own love story, Bovey Castle has something for every couple. Elevate your romantic stay in 2024 with these enchanting experiences, creating a tale of love and luxury with the castle’s timeless charm acting as the perfect backdrop. Book your stay today or get in touch with us to enquire about our offers.

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