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We recycle 100% of all our waste across our sustainable hotels.

30% directly recycled

Sustainability policy
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50% is recycled into renewable energy

Sustianability policy
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20% is processed by anaerobic digestion

Sustainability policy
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Employee practices and training

We include environmental aspects into employee training, such as how to reduce energy, water and waste. We encourage lift sharing and combined journeys wherever possible to maintain our pledge to the planet as a sustainable hotel. Public areas that are not in use will have lights, radiators and all computers and office equipment turned off at night.


Guest education

We invite our guests to assist us in our mission by asking them to participate in our linen reuse program in order to reduce our energy and water consumption and to turn off TV’s, lights and radiators when our bedrooms are not in use.

Waste management

We are working closely with our nominated waste supplier and are currently recycling glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and food waste. We currently recycle 100% of all our waste across the group with 30% directly recycled, 50% is recycled into renewable energy created from waste and 20% is processed by anaerobic digestion. We encourage e-mails in favour of post and are gradually introducing systems based on e-format.

Reed-beds, also known as constructed wetlands, are a now well proven, sustainable, low energy, low maintenance solution for sewage and wastewater treatment. In order to install the system, we first installed an economical system that runs entirely by gravity and natural energy. Once the whole system had been completed the area developed into a small wildlife sanctuary which can be access by a path from the hotel for guests to use.

Community engagement

We support and actively contribute to the local community by working closely with local schools, charities and suppliers. We employ locally where we can to cut down our environmental footprint and we source products from local suppliers wherever possible.


Wherever possible we source and promote product ranges that minimise the environmental impact during production and distribution. We purchase cleaning chemicals with a low environmental impact. We communicate our priorities to our suppliers with regards to products, packaging and deliveries. We strive to decrease the number of deliveries per week per supplier and purchase recyclable products and equipment in our hotels wherever possible. We have also introduced Devonia Water, the only UK water supplier to clean and reuse their bottles, significantly reducing CO2 and using only 6% of the energy vs traditional recycling. Learn more about them here.

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