Suki the Devon ferret defies age in style


A ferret from Bovey Castle is in the running to become the oldest of its kind as it gears up to mark its 15th birthday this summer!

Say hello to Suki

Suki, who is a female silver ferret, is preparing for her major milestone in the grounds of Bovey Castle, where she has lived for the past six years greeting families with her furry friends Henry aged two, and Lilly and Grace, both aged three.

Ferrets live for around six years, but can live up to ten years if in good health, according to the RSPCA.

Suki’s age has been revealed ahead of National Ferret Day (April 2) by Hannah Bathard, Activities Manager at Bovey Castle, who has helped to care for Suki since 2009.

She said: “While I don’t know Suki’s specific birthday, I have a photo of her from September 2009 when she was around eight weeks old, which means she will be at least 15 this July – which is phenomenal.

When we found out there was a National Ferret Day, we felt it was a fitting time to share Suki’s amazing life with the world.

She used to be a working ferret and was given to Bovey Castle around six years ago after she retired by her then owner Martin Whitley, who runs falconry displays at the hotel, and has nurtured ferrets since he was a child.

Suki has always thrived off socialising with both humans and her fellow ferrets, which I think has been the key to her longevity – along with a healthy mixed diet of high protein ferret nugget and off-cuts of meat!”

Children interacting with ferrets on a spring break in the uk

Meet Suki and her friends

Suki and co have a dedicated structure packed full of hay and tunnels in the grounds of 5 AA Red Star manor house hotel, Bovey Castle, where visitors can pay them a visit.

Hannah added: “Every day at 9am a member of our activities team hosts a 30-minute session where visitors can get hands-on with our ferrets and then go on to feed breakfast to our rescue chickens.

“The sessions are very popular, so we’d urge families to book in advance – especially now that Suki has had her moment of fame!”

For more information about visiting the ferrets at Bovey Castle, head to

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