Surviving The Family Holiday this Summer

A Guide for Busy Parents with Active Children

Summer, a time for fun, quality time together, and a whole week of keeping our energetic and highly inquisitive children occupied, from morning until bedtime. It can be exhausting keeping these little minds and hands busy, and parents can wind up needing a holiday to recover from their holiday. Never fear, we’ve put together a Bovey Castle summer holiday survival guide to see you through until the next school bell rings.

Plan Ahead

Having a few activity ideas in advance of your break can ensure you make the most of your time and avoid procrastinating. Planning what you will do each day can even be a fun family activity to do together. On site, we have everything from archery and tennis to bushcraft and deer park tours. Offsite, you’ll discover a host of wonderful farm shops, cafes, museums, wildlife parks and so much more. With so much choice you will need to be decisive. Things for your itinerary when visiting Devon might include:


Schedule Grown-Up Time

It is still possible to get some R&R with the children in tow. In fact, here at Bovey Castle we run a number of exciting activities that children aged 6 years and above can take part in solo. Our Bovey Bushcraft sessions have a slightly longer running time, making it the perfect opportunity to nip to the spa for a massage, grab a coffee and a homemade cake in peace, take a stroll by the lake or even try out an activity yourself!



Wear Them Out

If you have pre-schoolers who need adult supervision, then Dartmoor is the perfect setting to let them run wild. There is nothing quite like a run around out in the fresh air to ensure a sound night’s sleep. There are plenty of child friendly walking routes in the area, an outdoor play area within the Bovey Castle estate, or maybe pay a visit to ‘Buggy Castle’ and see if any critters have checked in. We also have woodland craft activities for 4 years’ and over, to wear out those active minds.

What’s more, our luxury self-catering lodges have three en-suite bedrooms across two or three floors, so your little one’s can sleep soundly in their own room while you relax in the lounge, enjoying a glass of wine or watching a film perhaps, all without having to tiptoe around your sleeping babies. Busy days, followed by restful evenings.


Have a Digital Detox and Go Tech-Free

We all rely on technology day-to-day, and we also use our smartphones to capture those memorable holiday moments. However, a bit of tech-free time when on holiday is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones. Dedicate a few hours each day, go off radar, and ensure you get the most out of this family time together before returning to work or school.


Embrace Your Inner Child

Kids get messy, creative, and silly, and when you can’t beat them, you may as well join them. You may be paving the way for a more relaxed and carefree experience. Get stuck into the exploring and adventuring that comes second nature to our children. No need to worry about spills, splashes or muddy boots, you’re on holiday after all! To that end, you will find plenty of action-packed activities at Bovey Castle suitable for the for ‘kids at heart’ too, including 4×4 driving experiences, falconry, air rifle shooting and cider and slow gin making.


Consider A Self-Catering Holiday in Devon

A self-catering holiday can be the ideal way to keep everyone happy when it comes to dining on holiday, particularly if your party includes some picky eaters. The Bovey Castle luxury lodges are equipped with everything you need to rustle up delicious meals yourself, or order from the lodge menu for a different dinner, cooked fresh and delivered to your door, every evening. Alternatively, discover some of the many other excellent local eateries, cafes, and farm shops across the surrounding areas of Devon.


Spend Summer Holidays at Bovey Castle

Whether you are looking for a 5-star hotel stay or a luxury lodge break, make Bovey Castle in Dartmoor your holiday destination of choice, and survive summer in style. As well as all the fun-filled adventuring and activities available, you’ll also enjoy best-in-class service within a stunning castle setting. Now that is what you call high-quality family time.

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