Explore Devon’s best hidden beaches and indulge in a private lodge stay with us

Devon is renowned for its picturesque beaches, and there are some that not everybody knows about. With thousands of people throughout the year taking holidays to visit Devon’s beaches, we reveal our favourite 4 hidden beaches in Devon and why you should visit them.

1. Ayrmer Cove: A spacious beach

Ayrmer Cove is a stunning, secluded sandy beach. Tucked in between steep, grassy hills, this is a beach you can explore for miles and capture its natural beauty. As you walk on top of the hills, you are greeted by the beach itself. Ayrmer Cove is one of Devon’s beaches that is largely known for its spaciousness paired with its peacefulness. Making it a great spot for all the family to enjoy.

Dogs are also welcome at this beach, so whilst the family takes part in some classic British seaside activities together, your furry friend has the perfect opportunity to run around and explore the beach without disturbing any nearby picnickers.

This beach is ideal for those wanting to enjoy a fun yet tranquil family beach holiday in Devon.

This beach is approximately 1 hour away from Bovey Castle.

2. Sunny Cove Beach: A popular secret spot

devon beaches holidays

A popular beach to visit all year round is Devon’s Sunny Cove Beach. A secret spot ideal for both friends and family, named after its sunny aspect, where the sun is constantly shining down on the cove beach. Sunny Cove beach is a great beach holiday spot for those who enjoy rock pooling, a great activity that people of all ages can enjoy and take advantage of the British coastline.

The water at this beach is also well known for having relaxing, gentle waves, making swimming a pleasure. For families and friends looking to have a fun-filled Devon beach holiday, Sunny Cove is the beach to be at. Where you can enjoy building sandcastles and barbecues during the summer.

This beach is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes away from Bovey Castle.

3. Hallsands Beach: Great for a family day out

devon beaches holidays

If you’re looking to explore one of Devon’s beaches for a day out, there’s no better place than Hallsands Beach, for a beach holiday day out. Located in the village of Hallsands, it’s a place of historical interest. Hallsands Beach is the only remaining beach in the village of Hallsands.

The pebbled beach is ideal for those wanting to go on walks and boasts beautiful views making it an ideal place to visit for a full day out.

This beach is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes away from Bovey Castle.

4. Woolacombe Barricane Beach: Perfect for dog lovers

devon beaches holidays

Woolacombe Barricane Beach is perfect for dog lovers. Take your dog out for a walk and within close proximity is a wide range of Woolacombe’s cafes, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious local food.

For a Devon beach holiday this is an ideal secluded beach, famous for cowries and other exotic sea shells. Beautifully picturesque and full of locals and other holidayers taking in the sights and enjoying all that this Devon beach has to offer.

This beach is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes away from Bovey Castle.

Bovey Castle lodges : A great place to stay

A great beach holiday is only complete once you’ve found the perfect place to stay. Here at  Bovey Castle our private lodges are the ideal base for families and friends to stay during their beach holiday in Devon.

After a beach day filled with fun and sand, escape to our luxurious private estate lodges, which gives you the freedom to plan your holiday the way you want. Contemporary and stylish, our lodges are the epitome of peace. Each lodge is fully equipped with a kitchen including a fridge, freezer, oven and dishwasher. Kick off your sandy shoes, and air them out over your own balcony which overlooks the castle grounds. Our lodges are a wonderful way for you and your companions to relax after a long beach day and enjoy each other’s company within the private sanctuary.

Bovey Castle is situated close to many of the beaches we’ve spoken about making it the ideal place to stay during your beach holiday in Devon. Explore Devon’s beaches and Bovey Castle whilst you’re here and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

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Devon’s hidden beaches have so much to explore and something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure your Devon beach holiday is perfect by booking a lodge stay with Bovey Castle, where you can relax and indulge in the luxury after exploring Devon’s beaches.

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