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Dartmoor represents some of the most beautiful rural scenery in the entire UK. Everything from rolling barren grasslands, craggy rock topped tors to deep fast river gorges. One of the last true wildernesses, its vast expansive vistas and key secret locations are very weather dependant and difficult shot without guidance. Dartmoor is known for its tors — hills topped with outcrops of bedrock, which in granite country such as this are usually rounded boulder-like formations

The moor takes its name from the River Dart, which starts as the East Dart and West Dart only a mile or so apart, then after flowing in completely opposing directions, they once again meet to become a single river at Dartmeet. It leaves the moor at Buckfastleigh, flowing through Totnes below where it opens up into a long tidal stretch waterway, reaching the sea at Dartmouth.

Along with the rest of South West England, Dartmoor has a temperate climate which is generally wetter and milder than locations at similar height in the rest of England. This can obviously affect many photographic outings and plans. However, Dartmoor is so diverse in subject matter that certain weather systems and conditions can provide the photographer with extraordinary light potential, which can transform locations dramatically.

We can expect to cover tor top vistas with exceptional views over rural moorland if the weather is fair, together with endless possibilities for high point sunrises/sunsets if the conditions are favourable. If, however, the weather turns, Dartmoor has many deep gorge waterways with hidden waterfalls and tributary brooks as well as grand churches from a tin mining era.

Ancient archaeology can also provide interest with countless stone rows and unique menhir standing stones, their placement alone setting a timeless scene with the backdrop of possible foreboding skies.

Half Day Workshop

A morning or afternoon shoot determined by factors such as weather conditions, season, guest requirements and itinerary.

Meet during the afternoon in the Cathedral room for a social pre-workshop get together and to discuss locations, weather and any requirements you may have.

A half day workshop will run over approximately 4 hours and take in some locations that are fairly local to Bovey Castle that will yield maximum results without the need for travel to more remote locations.

Full Day Workshop

Optional dawn shoot where we will set off early (sunrise time varies).

Meet during the afternoon in the hotel for a pre-workshop get together and to discuss locations, weather and any requirements you may have.

All day workshop on Dartmoor at various weather determined locations. A full day will allow for more remote destinations to be explored with breaks for food and drinks. Finish with an afternoon and/or a dusk moorland shoot, (sunset time dependant on time of year).

Essential Kit


  • All-weather clothing
  • Spares in case of wet weather
  • Broken in walking boots
  • Wellington boots for waterway photographic locations

Camera Equipment

This is a personal choice. DSLR, smart system body together with suitable landscape lenses, smart compact or even film SLR or medium format photographers...all are welcome on Dartmoor!

Suggested Lens List

  • Wide angle, (10-20, 12-24 etc)
  • Medium telephoto, approx 18-100mm focal lengths
  • If you own, and are prepared to carry heavier glass, consider longer prime or telephoto lenses such as 200-400mm to compress the layers of the Dartmoor landscape.

Remember - a wide collection of lenses is not essential to capture the magic and mood of Dartmoor and a creative eye is far more valuable.


  • A sturdy tripod and head if you are using DSLR cameras, as the wind on the moor can be unforgiving
  • Battery power and spares, as well as charging docks at base camp
  • Any other specialist equipment such as filters and cable release cables
  • Camera cleaning equipment 
  • Funds for food and drinks when out on location

Workshop Costs

Half day - £150 per person

Full day - £250 per person

For more information and to book your Dartmoor photography workshop, call the resort team on 01647 445022, or email resort@boveycastle.com.

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