Spa Golf Treatments at Bovey Castle

Introducing a range of golf ball massage treatments bespoke to Bovey Castle. This specialised therapeutic massage uses Bovey’s own branded and warmed golf balls to combine deep tissue techniques and pressure in order to relieve aches and pains and drain toxins.

V1 Golfers Recovery

Deeply cleanses and exfoliates skin, then treats hard-working muscles in the legs, back and upper body to a targeted and intensely soothing massage using Bovey Castle’s very own PRO V1 golf balls and warm essential oils to help penetrate deep sated tension.

85 minutes


V1 Golfers Tonic

Alleviate tired, aching muscles in the feet, back and upper body with this targeted massage using Bovey Castle’s very own PRO V1 golf balls combined with warm aromatherapy oils and specialised techniques.

 40 minutes


V1 Golfers Revitaliser

Ideal just after you step off the green! This fast acting treatment uses a unique combination of warm essential oils and Bovey’s Castle’s very own PRO V1 golf balls to effectively revive and soothe tight, tense muscles in the arms and shoulders.

15 minutes


“The golf ball massage at the Elan Spa at Bovey Castle is one of the best post-golf treatments I have experienced. The combination of the heat and the pressure that can be applied with the golf balls made for a wonderfully relaxing and effective massage. I recommend it to all golfers!”

Scott Drummond, Professional Golfer, May 2015. 

To book any of our spa golf treatments, please call the spa on 01647 445021 or email.



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