Falconry & Bird of Prey Experience in Devon

Falconry Display 

Martin Whitley’s falconry school, Dartmoor Hawking, comes daily to the 5 star Bovey Castle Hotel to share the thrill of seeing his exceptional collection of birds, ranging from tiny owls to Rosie the Bald Eagle! Our falconry display is complimentary, taking place daily (subject to weather) on the terrace outside the Great Western restaurant every morning at 10.00am.

Complimentary session.

Bird of Prey Experience

Our 'Bird of Prey Experience' is an hour long session spent with a selection of Martin's birds and it truly is quite unforgettable!

You will have the opportunity to fly a variety of different birds of prey here on the Bovey Castle estate, observe their individual characteristics and see close up the wonderful partnership that exists between falconers and their birds.

This session is held on the herbaceous border that surrounds the summerhouse at Bovey Castle. Please be aware that this is a weather dependent experience. This experience works fabulously as a family experience, with children from 5 years old being able to fly some of the birds!

Minimum of 2 guests.

Price: £65 per person                                   
Time: 60 - minutes (approx)

Falconry Experience

Experience the true art of falconry with expert guidance from our internationally-renowned falconer

A hands-on falconry session at Martin Whitley’s falconry centre lasts approximately three hours; starting with an introduction to the various types of birds of prey cared for by Martin. You will then move on to flying owls, working with high-speed falcons and the highlight of the session – the eagles, before walking back to the hotel with a hawk escort, Martin and one of his loyal band of dogs.

Martin's eagles are the only birds of their magnitude in the UK that can be handled and flown by members of the public so this truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Minimum of 2 guests.

Minimum age of 14 years old.

Price: £120 per person                                         
Time: 3 hours (approx)

Hunting with Hawks

For those wishing for a fuller, more hands on falconry experience we can offer a half day hunting hunting rabbits and pheasants with hawks on the hotel estate. (2½ hours) 

For the enthusiastic hunter why not try a full day's hunting with hawks and falcons. This would include hunting with hawks in the morning on the main estate, a break for lunch in Smiths Brasserie and then up on to the moors to hunt with falcons, our high speed aerial hunters, in the afternoon.

Available: October - February


Half day (2 ½ hours) - £160 per person     

Full day - £350 per person                                

Maximum 2 people. Minimum age of 14 years old.

Falconry from Horses

Our 'Falconry from Horses' allows experienced riders to try something totally different - a chance to combine the two ancient arts of horse riding and falconry!

The session would start with an introduction to birds of prey held up at Martin's falconry centre, moving onto the way the various hawks would have been flown from horseback, including a discussion as to where and why horses would have come in to this fabulous sport.

Martin will teach a handling lesson to make sure you can carry a hawk correctly whilst seated in the saddle, then we will introduce the horses and teach you to work the two together as you start to fly smaller hawks on horseback.

This experience is for knowledgeable and skilled riders only. Participants will be required to provide their own riding hat, back protector and suitable footwear and for safety there is a strict maximum weight limit of 15 stone.

Minimum age of 18 years old.

Price: £260.00 per person                       
Time: 3 hours (approx)

All falconry sessions are weather dependent – the birds are unable to fly in wet or windy weather. Falconry sessions can be tailored to provide both amateurs and expert bird handlers with a bespoke Dartmoor experience, with more specialist hunting with either falcons or eagles also available during the season (falcons: August - December, eagles: October – February), please contact the resort team for more information.

With all under 16s requiring adult supervision. For safety reasons, there is an age restriction of 12 years for the Falconry Experience. Basic fitness is also essential as the Falconry Experience and hunting experiences as this may include walking on Dartmoor and the holding of the eagles, who are not feather light!

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*All our falconry activities are weather dependent a full cancellation fee will be charged to the guest if the activity is cancelled 48 hours prior to the event*